JSC Aquatera is the authorized representative of Italy insulating materials producer Trocellen Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Trocellen anti-condensation insulation.

This insulation suitable for ducts and ventilation units is made of foamed polyethylene with a closed cellular structure that ensures long lasting maintenance of the material.

Indices of insulation remain constant for 25 years and even more. These substances are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, resistant to bacteria and mildew, odorless and very economical. These substances do not absorb water. Sufficiently flexible with different angles, but strong enough to withstand mechanical stresses and high temperatures. Insulation materials with a fully enclosed cellular structure guarantee the water impermeability of putty polyethylene insulating materials, while ensuring that the value of λ always remains constant. Meanwhile, materials such as stone or glass wool gains moisture and water and very change their insulation properties, depending on the amount of moisture in the environment.

Trocellen anti-condensation insulation for ducts and ventilation equipment is:
  • Long service life of 20 years and more;
  • Extremely light self-limiting insulation;
  • Organic and easy to use;
  • Insulation does not contain formaldehyde;
  • In addition to chlorides, no toxic substances are released during the fire;
  • Excellent value for money.
Anti-condensation insulation Trocellen DUCT

This insulation is easily adapted to air ducts  systems. The ducts are covered with self-limping insulating material (quick mounting process). Coating with this insulating material greatly reduces vibration of duct walls and reduces the sound level by about 30-40 dB.

Types of insulating materials:
  • Trocellen CL1;
  • Trocellen CL1 SA (self-limping);
  • Trocellen AL CL1 REF (laminated with shiny aluminum foil);
  • Trocellen AL CL1 REF SA (laminated with shiny aluminum foil and self-adhesive laminate).