FTMC science center

National Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (NCPST); Joint Life Sciences Centre (JLSC); Joint Innovative Medicine Centre (JIMC).

Supply, installation and welding of PP polypure piping for ultra-clean media. Approximately 5 km of pipeline was used.

Supply of a plastic duct system. Supply of anti-condensation insulation, of which about 25 000 sq.m. was used.

Aquatera can be said to have been included in the history of science in Lithuania in 2015. These research centres are equipped with the latest and most advanced research equipment. In these projects, we have supplied and installed PP polypure process piping for deionised water used in research. These runs were installed on all floors of the building, requiring passageways through floors and classrooms, and piping with shut-off fittings in all classrooms and laboratories.