JSC Aquatera is authorized by the Dutch company "DYKA" in the Baltic States with the

PVC vacuum rain drainage system.

PVC vacuum (siphon) rain drainage system "VACURAIN" created by "DYKA" company (The Netherlands)   - Modern technology and advanced methods of rainwater removal from large roofs. The system is made of PVC pipes and fittings. The bonding method is PVC bonding.

PVC Vacurein vacuum (siphon) rain drainage system and its advantages.

Vcurain allows you to quickly, reliably and inexpensively drain rain water from large roofs, optimally fitting the system into the building's architecture and minimizing installation costs. It is a practical, fast and cost-effective aesthetic, high-quality solution designed primarily to remove rain from the roofs of public and industrial buildings, which are subject to special architectural and structural requirements.

The principle of this system is based on the negative vacuum pressure due to the difference in height between the output and the inlet. There are a number of advantages over the traditional system, which make it cheaper and faster to install the system itself and even increase the efficiency of rain removal:

  • a small diameter pipeline that improves the appearance of the system and enables easy hiding of the entire installation;
  • for the designer - greater freedom in realizing their ideas, better utilizing the interior space of the building;
  • to the contractor - lower labor costs, quick and easy installation, lower volumes of excavation work;
  • for the investor - fast payback.

Vacurain rainwater removal system is also superior because it is made of PVC-U plastics, which simplifies the installation process and reduces installation costs compared to other HPDE vacuum systems offered on the market:

  • Lower coefficient of thermal expansion of PVC (PVC - 0,06mm / mx Δ1 ° C, PE - 0,2mm / mx Δ1 ° C);
  • Easier mounting and joining system;
  • Cheaper connectivity technology (no mounting rails needed);
  • Low cost materials and assembly;
  • Longevity;
  • Unnecessary spec Installation equipment: The method of connecting pipelines and fittings is bonding with a special chemical adhesive, unlike HDPE systems, which are connected by contact welding equipment or electro sockets. The adhesive process takes much less time than welding;
  • Cheaper and more streamlined solution.